What if we looked at what is right in our lives and stopped finding all the things that are wrong?    In Decoding the Butterfly Promise, Butterfly woman gave me an inspiring lecture about how to be a CREATIST….a word she was tickled to tell me she just created.  She does have a fun sense of humor.

The key to activating our Creatist Powers, according to Butterfly woman is to begin by looking at what is right with the world we live in.  Look at what is working.  It is so simple to say but what a challenge.  It would seem that we live from day to day by noticing what is wrong with things.  Think of the media, TV, Facebook, your friends complaining over their Starbucks coffee, and you, yourself, reflecting on your day.  What went wrong and what needs to be fixed comes to the fore.

Look at TV programs and movies, newspaper headlines….where is there something you can hold on to that shows something right.  What would it feel like if on a daily basis we counted 5 things that go right for us each day.

What if we ignore the screams of the frantic media begging for our attention and our energy by fearing us into worry over the latest trauma in the world, mostly thru loud, animated vacuous but emotive words. What if we actually turn down the TV, or courageously even turn it off for the latest news if we can’t wean ourselves entirely, trying to omit just one of the many news repeats that play before us daily, almost hourly.

What if instead we go listen to the birds outside of our houses daily and learn to hear the hummingbirds around us.  What if we watch the clouds swirl overhead and find the images in them.  What if we stop worrying for just a bit and allow that we are all right in the world and in our lives….and things are going to work out for us.

What if we look in the eyes of those people we pass by and smile and receive their smile back.  Or nod and smile across the subway car. Feel that warm fuzzy inside of our hearts when they smile back.

The thing is it’s all about energy.  The more we focus on positive energy, the higher our frequency moves.  The higher our frequency moves, the more positive and happy things we draw into our lives and into society.  It is a matter of energy law. Try it.  You just might like it.

hugs gail