What actually happens when we kiss someone?  What is a kiss anyhow?  Yesterday I saw a funny but wonderful video where Sir Patrick Stewart was teaching Conan O’brien about the energy of a kiss.  And he kissed him passionately right on the mouth. Here’s the replay if you want to witness it.



It was meant in the true spirit of late night talk shows, but Patrick’s comments set Butterfly woman on a happy dance and her delicate laughter like tinkling bells became infections.  Midway into our shared laughter she told me she wanted us to do a blog on the meaning of kissing….so here we are.


Why do we kiss?  And here let’s get above the surface of things and look at kissing at the level of energy.  When we kiss someone we are exchanging bits of our energy with the other person and they, if they are open are doing the same with us.  As humans we have at least four levels of energy going on within us, physical (the slower frequency) emotional, mental and spiritual in increasingly higher frequencies.


You have seen science fiction movies where someone inhales the energy of someone else, right?  Well, they weren’t wrong in their portrayal, although they usually focus on the negative aspect.


Kissing is a very intimate exchange of energy.  When we kiss we enter into the energy field of the other person and they us, and then depending on the openness of the kiss, we inhale and exhale our energies and share ourselves with them.  It can be a superficial physical exchange only. Or it can be a deeper exchange including emotional energies.a-kiss A whole and deep kiss can engage two beings in a complete merging and sharing of all of our frequencies of energies.  Remember we are each unique energy fields stuffed into our physical bodies.  But above all we are energy, period.  And our energy flows and ebbs, joins, disconnects, gets shared, gets taken from us (with or without our consciously granting permission), soars with touching music and laughter, or shrinks when we think or feel negativity around us, like the news.


Kissing is how we exchange energy.  It is also a prelude to the greatest energy exchange of all, sex. I will explore this more intimate aspect in a followup blog on The Divine Duet, http://www.thedivineduet.com/blog/


What Sir Patrick Stewart was teaching is the power of exchanging energy between friends. The power of true friendship and how we support and share together. kids-kissKissing is just one of the ways to align ourselves energetically with, share or support a friend. But it is a powerful and instant way.


What we are only now beginning to understand is that we, along with everything else are energy packages. Knowing this can change the way you relate in your world.  And make you a kisser of men and women, and children and animals.  Most importantly to me, and what Butterfly woman wants to share is that a kiss can put us back in touch with and link us up with each other once again.




Questions to think about: Do we share energy with animals when we kiss them, and do they give us energy when they lick us?  Can we exchange energy with many people at once?  (like at a rock concert, or watching a silly movie with friends.) Do air kisses work the same? Muaah?


Until next time, May the Force and the Farce be with you,

hugs gail