Change is always a complicated process. Change happens out there in the bigger world. But change happens to us at a personal level and within your own headspace too. Changes aren’t isolated either, and like ripples on a pond, changes affect one another, even interact and reacting to one another.

What I want to speak about today is the change that is happening within our own bodies, minds emotions and spirituality lately. This type of change is about energy frequency within ourselves. It is big!

If you have been following my recent change blogs, this is part three. My focus today is about how we shift our energy frequency upward. So just how do we re-calibrate our energy to move into or quantum human status?

Feel free to check out the first two blogs for background on the big changes that are happening in the world right now. The first is Caterpillar Soup: What does it mean to change? And Growing our Quantum Butterfly Wings: Moving forward into change.

In those two blogs, I talked about what has caused this total paradigm shift the world is experiencing and why increasing our personal and global energy is the biggest game in town right now. Along with this, I talked about why we are seeing so much darkness in the world suddenly. Hint: side effect of increasing the energy of the planet and its people is the light shows up the dirty corners. And does it, eh?

The good news is as we increase our personal and global energy frequency, humanity will become more kind and compassionate. The barbarian behaviors of war makers and yes, even politicians, will fade away and the earth will grow into peace.

Before that can happen, we have to complete the challenging passage from the old ways into new ways. You can call it a bridge or a gauntlet we have to run. It is a test of our commitment. Bottom line….we are in a major societal and human transition.

More good news. If you are reading this, you came here to help society do this. You are built for this challenge and dare I say chomping at the bit to get on with it. There is a higher level part of you that knows it is time–that you have a purpose in this transition.

My aim is to make the challenge more understandable to you. I’ve walked the path ahead of you, as you will walk the path ahead of others. My guides didn’t offer me a map or guidebook at a conscious level, so now I am providing for you what I wished they had given me.

Following the road map to increase your energy frequency

Let’s talk about how we grow into quantum humans. Is there a roadmap?  Happily, there is. The trick is it’s inside you. Inside your DNA, to be exact!  All you have to do is activate it, like turning on and tuning the radio channel. But that takes a certain level of energy frequency to hear the radio.

How do we start the process?

1. Decide you are ready

It all starts with you deciding you want to do it. You send a message to your higher self telling her you are ready, and that you want to increase your energy and become a quantum human. Each person will have their own journey and time table, but if you’re ready that’s all it takes.

2. See everything that’s right in the world, rather than what’s wrong

Butterfly woman several years ago told me the secret to this. The key to the new doorway is to look at what is right. That’s it. And it’s completely upside down from the old way of doing things–finding out what’s wrong and worrying and fighting to make things better.

The What’s Wrong Song is part of the old low-frequency days. That old way will keep you stuck. The news cycle dominates our lives, telling us to worry about climate change, politics, scandals, income inequality, wars, and the latest story that morning show hosts decide to get outraged over. And then the ads inundate us and show us all the material possessions that we don’t have.

It’s a trap designed to keep the audience in a perpetual state of terror, outrage, and incompleteness. Time to break free. Look at what is right about every situation and build on it. Easy to understand. Really challenging to do!  But wow, the results.

How many things in your life or in the world can you list that are precious gifts to be grateful for?

3. Understand your energy

Our task is to raise our energy to the point where we can awaken into our quantum human state and begin to work with our quantum team.

Up, up with your frequency you grow. Every day, new energies come in from the universe, rushing to earth and into our bodies. Sensitive people feel it in their bodies and the side effects of it–sometimes referred to as ascension symptoms–as your body, mind, and the emotional energy within you adjust to the new energies.

Think of yourself as a bag of invisible energy held together by your wondrous human body. To keep all that energy together, our body uses energy centers often referred to as chakras.

There are four different types of body energies: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. The key is to keep these energies vibrating happily and in an open flow of energy. When stuff happens that we are uncomfortable with or makes us feel bad, we tend to close the flow of our energy down like water in a hose. But to get to the objective and raise ourselves into our quantum energy, these body energies all need to be perking and vibrating along our inner energy pathways at their best and most healthful flow.

A good habit to start is a regular weekly or monthly review of your energy centers, to see where your energies may be getting stuck. Keep reading to find a helpful printable Chakra Quiz below.

4. Move from being the victim to being in charge of your life

The higher you move your personal energy frequency the more grounded and balanced you need to become. Until you have developed stronger grounding you will swing from one extreme in your moods to another. Especially your emotions.

There is a natural progression of your energies and your emotions.

At lower energies, you are a victim of everything. John broke your heart, Sue made you angry, the boss ruined your happy day, your child made you upset. Anything coming at you from the outside can make or break your day, and you swing from one strong emotion to another. You lose your temper, your focus, and your energy when you let yourself be a victim of these things.

The higher your frequency goes, the more control you will have over how you respond to things that do happen to you and the easier it will get. It won’t ruin your whole day and you will bounce back into your happy space within minutes or hours. You will know that you are in charge of how you respond to what happens to you. Eventually, you will have total control and you won’t even need to try.

5. Begin to make connections with your quantum team members

Learn when your inner guidance is teaching or helping you. At first, there will be coincidences and connections, metaphors in messages. Learn what they are for you. Music is powerful for me and so at first, my guides used music to deliver messages to me.

Music, reading material, or people you encounter will suddenly pop into your life with answers to your questions. Look for omens or signs that point the way. Remember while your energy is growing your guidance will use metaphors and messengers to get through to you and tell you what it wants you to learn.

The stronger your energy vibration gets the better you will be able to hear or know when your inner guidance or higher self is sending messages.

6. Merge with higher frequency aspects of your whole self.

As you recover more and more of your energy and build your frequency higher and higher you will naturally merge with the higher aspects of your whole self. The process is built into your DNA, which becomes activated by you as soon as you proclaim your intentions in step one. Your word is powerful.

Each step up the ladder of energy frequency you will merge with another part of yourself on your way to wholeness.

7. Make the connection with your completion partner.

Your completion partner is another aspect of your whole self, and the last piece, most significant piece. They are the quantum aspect of you in opposite polarity. They are literally the other part of you that desires to reunite with you. If you set the stage, this will happen naturally, just like your merging with all the other aspects of your whole self.

To get to this stage, begin to recover the pieces of your energy you gave away to others, you learn to manage your energy and not allow others to drain you and take pieces of your energy from you.

Here is a free quiz for you. It will help you look at how your energy is flowing through your body. You will see where you are open and in the flow, or where you may have parked some hurtful feeling that is closing down your flow.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I will continue to offer two half-hour free consultation spaces Thursdays between 2.30 and 4 PST. Be sure to book your appointment in advance.