The Draw of Completion Partners to One Another

There is something pulling on all of us who reach the level where we feel the call of our completion partner or twin soul. This quote from Soulmates, p. 142, an old book by Jess Stearn, brought tears to my eyes.

 “Beloved woman, mate of my soul, body of my body, heart of my heart.  I take you into my being, to merge and blend with the totality of that which I am.

I will walk beside you through the Seasons of time when our love blooms and flowers, and into the winter of our years when we pause to reflect on the grandeur of our love. 

I will be by your side forever, with no armor save that of love.  And with that love, I shall shield and protect you for as long as we know time.”

This is where we are being lead…to recombine with the other part of us, first within and then ‘out there’ in the world.