Re balancing feminine and masculine in society and within each of us.

I am in to section three in Book 2 of Godmother Chronicles, The Divine Duet. It is all about what happened to us and how we come back into balance which leads us back together as completion partners, also known as twin souls.

I found this by St. Germain and want to share it with those of you who are feeling the call of your partner and also the pull to take back your own feminine power.

Here is what St. Germain has to say.

You see, for eons of time females have been in submission and have been giving their power away, believing their sovereignty is a no-thing. The male on your Earth believed for eons his sovereignty was the only one that counted. This belief system created the slave-drivers, the lack of unconditional love, the judgment.  Why is it so many of your judges have been male? You are now coming into the alignment of both in equality. …it is gaining momentum. It will continue to gain, until the harmony between the genders – that grand explosion of knowingness – occurs.

It is time to do the work and take back your wholeness.