You’ve heard the saying, “Leap and the net will appear,” right? I am here to tell you that a big bold leap is the best way to start 2019. 

This leap goes beyond just going out on a limb, as sister Shirley MacLaine wrote about. This leap isn’t a safe scooch out to the end of the limb and let it gently bring you down to earth. Nope.

It’s a bold-faced jump right into something that you feel, or want in a big way. It’s following your intuition and KNOWING whilst in midair, the Universe is already weaving the perfect net to catch you and propel you forward on your path to making your dream take shape.

There is magic afoot in this leap. The magic of TRUST.

Western society has trust backward. “When I see it, I will believe it,” is the mantra we hear so often. Science and the modern world have put up a wall between the logical side of our brains and the creative side, cutting our brains in half and leaving us walking around in imbalanced circles.

The magic only works when you say: “When I believe it, I will see it.”

When we create what we want strongly in our mind and imagination and trust that it is, the Universe will create it for us. That’s the way we manifest what we want in our lives. It’s what lies behind highly successful people: the courage to leap, and trust that the Universe will be the net.

So when you leap, the net appears. Better still, your leap calls forth powerful support to take you where you want to be.

Make 2019 the year you choose to Leap. Let the net appear and take you for a joyous journey further ahead than you ever thought you could go.

Trust me on that!

Let me know what leap you have taken in 2019 and where your leap takes you.