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Review by Chicklit Cafe
Decoding the Butterfly Promise is a fascinating book written by an excellent writer who shows us there is more to life than what we think. She introduces readers to a multidimensional realm and invites us to participate in it along with her. More importantly, she passes along the message of Butterfly Woman who calls on each human to awaken herself or himself to this greater reality. The author invites you to venture out and seek your own higher connections beyond what you have always thought impossible. Read more.
Review by Nourish Magazine
[Decoding the Butterfly Promise] gives us all a view of what it is like to go from skeptic to believer on the spiritual path. Being a social scientist Gail challenged everything, and takes us on a journey from the safety net of what is considered “normal” to living her authentic life of awakening to the power within. There are so many references most of us can relate to who have been on the journey to our authentic selves. This book will have you laughing, welling up with tears and flipping the pages to see what happens next. To read more click here, p. 42.
What readers say about Decoding the Butterfly Promise

Kelly says

It was a great deal of synchronicity that led me to read “Decoding the Butterfly Promise” in the first place. Just the night before I came across the book, I had dreamed of a voice whispering the word ‘Isis’ to me. I came across the book the following day through a friend who was reading it. And there, towards the end of the book, Part 4, was the story of Isis and Osiris, the story I had been waiting to hear retold, when the time was right…and there it was. This story is a matrix from which we can increase our understanding of ourselves and the true meaning of gathering all of our pieces and putting them back together into wholeness and love. The place of sacred sexuality is clarified and the picture of the twin soul or completion partner begins to come into focus. Gail is a gift that I accept with love and appreciation.

Marlene Cobb, Nourish Magazine

This book will have you laughing, welling up with tears and flipping the pages to see what happens next.

Karin says

I finished reading the book within a couple of days of getting back home – in fact I started on the plane and couldn’t put it down. Where to begin? You have written a powerful, intimate and courageous story. It is intensely engaging. It totally drew me in – you write in a very easy to read style that pulls the reader right into your journey. My emotions went through several waves including curiosity, fear, hope, joy and worry and then hope again. At the end I felt a bit transported to your world… Its a great book Gail. I congratulate you on being able to bring clarity to something that is both personal and complex…

Ron says

Gail was a school classmate of mine from 1st grade through high school so I was very interested in her sharing of her life. I was enthralled with the book. I kept wondering what was going to happen next. She is a very good story teller.

I was fascinated with her life story. It gave me a better understanding of her life base. Her interpretation of life experiences and her perception of humanity’s evolution and the primary life force behind humanity provide a different perspective than one usually receives from most people.

It did cause me internal discussions about masculine/feminine forces, human equality, human bonding and the expression of those forces personally and in society. The metaphysical forces cause me some pause. I have not experienced such forces in my life experience. My mind frame still relies more on left brain analysis more than it does on right brain intuition…

White Star Eagle/Michelle says

Decoding the butterfly promise is a wonderful read.. In the pages of the book you will be engaged in and on multi-versal levels.. Though it is Gail’s personal journey to wholeness, it is also ours. We all have our own personal journeys as does humanity. We are all one and through the pages of Decoding the Butterfly Promise Gail takes you along on her beautiful vulnerable journey and in doing so brings you to wonderful discoveries for us all and humanity.

Be prepared to laugh, cry and be amazed. Most of all let Decoding the Butterfly Promise shift your perception and being to a greater understanding of yourself, humanity and all of creation…

Nelson says

I first met Gail Siler in White Rock, BC, through an online dating site. While it was quickly apparent to both of us that romance was not in the cards, a brisk walk and fascinating talk along the beach just as quickly established a rare recognition, of intelligence, respect, and trust. Several rich conversations later, and I found myself welcomed though the backdoor into the fairytale reality of the butterfly promise.

If you are naturally intuitive, you are sure to find resonance, if not revelation, with any number of exciting insights provided by Gail’s engaging journey, from the energy of stones to the origin of the universe, from the ecstatic promise of your completion partner to the soul wisdom of utter uncertainty…

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Haunted by an urgent voice she hears each time she reads a book by Carlos Castaneda, Gail seeks out Castaneda’s apprentice, and she finds herself catapulted into a strange world of shamans, metaphysics, and ancient beings. She is thrust forward onto a dangerous path that takes her from the safety of her everyday world into the radiant landscape where true power lives. Read more…