In a previous post, “Caterpillar Soup: What does it mean to change?” we talked about the big, intense changes society is going through now. Make sure you go back to read it if you haven’t seen it yet. Knowing what these changes are all about will help us move forward into change.

In a nutshell: the people of our planet made a choice in 2012 to move into our next stage of evolution, and change brings chaos.

Here we are five years into it, white water rafting in our own caterpillar soup of global and personal change. Yes, I am mixing metaphors, but that is just an illustration of this chaos we are experiencing. Chaos and more chaos everywhere at all levels. Imagine a heavy rain, and each drop is like a drop of change falling in a puddle, creating concentric circles. These circles are bumping into each other and creating even more circles until the puddle is filled with some pretty big waves. Here we are, white water rafting through these changes.

But we all decided, and that decision has come with challenging times and some necessary next steps.

Put Change into Action

Yes. These changes are upon us and there is no going back. But we can’t afford to just sit back and wait. It’s still possible to pretend it isn’t happening. Some of us will stick our heads in the sand. Some of us may even regress. This is the work of the dark energy that has been holding us hostage all these eons, whose mission it is to control us and prevent us from reconnecting with our quantum selves. You can bet the current world politics that drains away your hope every time you see a headline or turn on the news is the work of this dark energy.

This dark energy is powerful. Not powerful enough to prevent the evolution we chose. The change has happened. Our energy is growing and will continue to grow. There’s no going back. But it is powerful enough to make the change take a lot longer, and even painful, if we don’t allow ourselves to move forward into this change. Imagine a caterpillar that goes into its cocoon and then tries not to change.

We must grow into our new selves with purpose. All of us. Each at our own level of readiness.

To get there, some of us must take responsibility for our transition, now, and do the work to see it through, so that we can lead the way for the others.

Our task is to increase our energy frequency and evolve ourselves into the next stage of humanity–our multidimensional or quantum selves.

For everyone, it will be different, but you will be better able to move forward in your quantum evolution by:

  1. Processing old hurts.
  2. Let go of judgment, of yourself or others.
  3. Focus your attention on what is right in life, not what’s wrong.

It is important to note that this new higher energy paradigm is driven by a momentum of the positive. Once you start to move up in energy, you will release your karma. The good will be stored in the Akash, rather than the bad.

Enter Paradigm Shift

That choice in 2012 precipitated the end of the rules of the game as we knew it–the end of the old paradigm. Yes, we are now in the throes of a real live paradigm shift!

Every year since our choice, two things happen. First, our human energy level increases across the planet. (Lucky for us, we have outside assistance from the universe boosting this energy–for example, the recent solar flare energy radiating toward our planet.) And second, the old ways are polarizing against this higher energy paradigm. As our energy increases, these old ways just don’t fit anymore. The negative has no place, it’s all about the positive.

New ways are coming with each increase in our energy. Think of it as moving from lower chakras to higher chakras, lower energy higher energy. As we grow and evolve, shedding our old ways, we will emerge from the darkness and chaos like the butterfly from the cocoon.

While we are in the middle of this paradigm shift, it helps to remember:

  1. We all chose this.
  2. Each human will take this journey to their new selves at different times depending on their readiness.
  3. Most of you are reading this because you are part of the advance team, who are aware of the change and searching for answers.

Usher in the New Paradigm: New rules, new game

All this brings up countless questions. How do we actually grow into our paws as newly evolving multidimensional beings? And how do we help this process move forward?

But, if you are on the advance team, you might also be wondering what your role is in all this. It’s actually quite simple. We are the ones creating the rules of the new game, and “explaining” it to the others.

We, the advanced team, help by going through the process ourselves. We are the front runners, learning the new game. We seed the change process by changing ourselves and experiencing these new energies first. The mere act of doing this reverberates downstream so others can learn how to do it and get a boost from our actions.

In a paradigm shift, not only do the game pieces change but the entire game board shifts and morphs as well. New rules and ways of doing things are developed on the fly. The advanced team members are like the ones reading the game’s instructions and explaining the rules to the others so everybody can get quickly up to speed all at once.

Anyone who has ever explained the rules of a game to a mixed group of people knows that this is not always an easy process. Some people will catch on faster than others. Some people learn better listening to you read the instructions and some people just need a quick primer and then learn best by playing the game, with a little guidance as they go.

Know the Rules for Becoming Quantum

Let’s define quantum. Since we chose to evolve into our quantumness we need to understand where we are headed, what is going to happen, and how to get there as gently and wisely as possible.

Quantum is the same as multidimensional. We are “becoming” multidimensional. Technically, we are multidimensional already, but our low energy has cut our human selves off from the other dimensional aspects of ourselves. They are here. They see us, we just can’t see them until we increase our energy.

For the moment, increasing our energy is our main task.

There isn’t just one of you or me. We have pieces of ourselves that exist in many dimensions simultaneously. Now we are awakening to this fact and the journey is to get to know the other dimensional selves of our human selves and ultimately to join up together as a team. Each of them is an energy entity from a different dimension that, when united, will recreate the beautiful magnificent butterfly of our Self.  Pretty neat, huh?

And the good news is everything we learn and go through, as the advance team, provides a map for others who will be able to navigate with greater ease when they come into readiness. Remember, we have lots and lots of help and just have to ask for it from our invisible guides.

For now, our main task is to stickhandle ourselves through the increasing energy downloads or ‘upgrades’ as they are being called. It is exciting and exhilarating, but it also can cause discomfort or hurt at times.

We will talk about energy download hangovers in the next blog about the changes we are experiencing. Til then here’s a list of things to do that can help you handle the energies.

  1. Laugh a lot. watch funny movies.
  2. Get out of your “story,” don’t let it define you. You create yourself.
  3. Turn off tv news.
  4. Look at what’s right in your life. This is hard. Do it anyway.
  5. Be around happy people, not grumpy ones. They drain off your energy.
  6. Walk or exercise to fill up with fresh energy and drain off used up

P.S. – Because these are challenging times, I want to offer you support. I will be available through Facebook Messenger for readings and consultations. I will make available the first two half-hour sessions free on Thursdays at 2:00 pm PST. Please book ahead of time to reserve your spot.