It’s 2019 for crying out loud, why do we seem to be devolving rather than evolving?

It doesn’t take much to see the immensity of the changes that are happening in the world right now. In America, the politics of change are shocking us like sucker punches, hitting everyone square in the face, in the pocketbook, and in the heart. Results: big-time STRESS.

The most damaging wound is the one in the heart. If you are like me, what is being revealed is shocking and the extent of it is horrifying. Stuff like: corporate greed, especially drug companies who are controlling the price of life saving drugs, the millions paid to campaign chests of politicians, and the political graft that goes with it, and the deep underlying racism, sexism, ageism…all the isms erupting from politicians and growing more present from everyday people.

What is happening? How did the American culture degrade to this level so quickly?

The only logical explanation to me was that one night we went to sleep and the entire earth was pushed into a dark alternate reality. Now we’re awake, trying to get our bearings in this not nice world.

Then my invisible team–my partner, my guides, my multidimensional team that makes up the quantum ME–politely knocked on my noggin and started pulling me off the ceiling by explaining things to me.

What really happened: The 2012 Shift

When we passed December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, we made a choice. This date was a prophecy for the end of the world, but humanity said no. We chose to go on. But we could only keep going by choosing a new future, so global society at the invisible and unaware level made a group decision to evolve to a higher level of humanity.

Life seemed good, too good to give up on. Obama had just been elected for a second term. The future seemed bright and hopeful. We all voted, on several levels, that we’d rather grow into better humans than blow up the earth and ourselves with it, as the prophecies predicted.

Well, guess what? That decision has changed EVERYTHING. Not temporarily, but permanently. I repeat, EVERYTHING. This was the 2012 shift, and there is no going back to the way it was. Here we are, whitewater rafting through a world that is changing with twists and bumps and hazards at every turn, without even knowing what is really going on. If it sounds dramatic, it is.

Why does change = turbulence and turmoil? 

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

It looks like a pretty simple process on the outside. First, there is a caterpillar who then goes into a chrysalis, and then something wonderful and magical happens inside that chrysalis, right? Poof, you have a butterfly. Sounds great.

But that magical and wonderful thing happening inside the chrysalis is the caterpillar’s body dissolving into soup and then reconfiguring into something new. When you think of it like that, it sounds kind of gruesome, and maybe even painful. Definitely turbulent!

Dark energies will always resist change

Now that we humans are at the beginning of our own turbulent voyage, metamorphosing into our higher evolved selves, the dark energies in the world are resisting the change and fighting for their lives. These dark energies are exerting all the power in their arsenal, trying to keep their control over us.

As a result, people are behaving like irrational strange characters out of a dark apocalypse novel whose brains have been taken over by a dark being–literally.

These are the death throes of the dark parts of our psyches as they begin to turn to soup, and the hold the dark energies of the universe have over us begins to slip.

When we decided to change, the universe decided to help us–this also stirs up more turmoil

We voted for humanity to evolve upward in consciousness, to transform into higher forms of energy, which will lead to a more compassionate society and ultimately an end to war. This is a win for the universe. Another caterpillar goes into a chrysalis to maintain balance in its ecosystem.

As the earth goes roaring through space we enter and leave different energies, and just as we made our decision to change, the earth moved into a new place in space, where the energy is brighter and stronger than we have ever encountered before.

This is not a coincidence. The sun, our planets, and the stars ad infinitum are conspiring to help us. The universe wants us to succeed and the energies being directed at us are there to help humanity and the earth to evolve.

There is a side effect of these increasing light frequencies. When the higher frequency light beams into the earth it pushes the dark things that have been hiding on the fringes into the light. With fewer places for them to hide, we are seeing these disgusting things–things about our society, our history, and ourselves–revealed suddenly up close and personal.

Where are we headed? 

When we chose a new beginning rather than an ending in 2012, we didn’t know what we were in for and maybe that was for the best, or we might have chosen differently. But now we are knee deep in the caterpillar soup of change, and what we were before is getting completely torn down around us.

We can’t see the end result yet. Will we falter? Will the dark forces stop our transformation? Whatever happens, it’s too late to go back. Imagine what would happen if a caterpillar went into a chrysalis and then tried not to change into a butterfly?

So, what does our future hold? Do you think we will break through the darkness and turbulence to become butterflies or is it just endless days of caterpillar soup?

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