The message of Butterfly woman – that we need to wake up now – is out there everywhere you look. And it seems to be growing with time.

When I finished writing the book I worried that I wouldn’t get the message out there fast enough.  Butterfly woman’s gentle laughter sounded like tinkling bells in my ears.  Then she said that that was not my job.  She and her team would take care of things.

She went on to add that once I had put things in writing whether people read it or not, they would get it in their unconscious.  I wasn’t convinced, but I had labored for more than 5 years writing it, and was happy to find there were others on the team who would get the message out there.  Would that she had also included doing the marketing, but that is an entirely different issue.

This past week I was on Vancouver Island and stopped to look at the Sandcastles in Parksville.  And there she was….in not one but two images by two different amazingly creative artists. The message of the book was visually present in these two images.  I felt both shocked and happily surprised.

You can find out more about her wake up call  here and here


Self awakening into Butterfly Woman


Butterfly woman with individual butterflies all along her back.



Me holding up Butterfly woman pendant I was wearing.

hugs gail