So there I was standing in front of the Whatcom Writers and Publishers meeting and suddenly SHE pops in.  Well, tickle my wings! OK,so I was wearing butterfly earrings.

I am so pleased, I have to have a wee brag. Last week Butterfly woman and I did a duet presentation at the Bellingham Whatcom Writers and Publishers monthly meeting. I thought I would be speaking about the book, and to my surprise – although I shouldn’t be – she showed up too, so we ended up doing a mini-duet.

We did good, I have to say! And here are some photos showing us in our duet. Of course you can’t see her wings because they are invisible in this dimension. But pretending is fun.

As I reflect now, what also happened is I was able to feel through her the hearts of people in the room who connected with us and our story. I could feel the room vibrating there for a moment.

What a wonderful experience. And we have some more books out there to share the message Butterfly woman has been so excited to bring forward.